About Us


Our Approach

History is the subject some of our children love and other of our children hate. Timeline Tykes has taken the challenge which make history enjoyable with historical facts to each story. Imagine children learning about world heroes from distance lands while reading. Smiling and laughing their way to real knowledge. Education through illustration is the method to teach our youth.

The Timeline Story

Timeline Tyke is the brain child of Troy Jones a graphic illustrator living in the Atlanta area. Troy was in Las Vegas promoting another children's book and a married couple from San Antonio, Texas ask if there was a book for younger children. Once Troy return to Atlanta the drawing started and Alex Airway was the beginning of Timeline Tykes.


The Timeline Team

We at Timeline Tykes take the mission of creating a masterpiece from world history.
We like people with a vision who see the final product before completion. We found that in our illustrator.
All Timeline Tykes books are created out of care and love.


Sean Jones

Founder & CEO

A wonderful founder and also owner of the Timeline Tykes with years of experience of creating design products.


Alex Airways


The artist with several years of working experience in the design industry as an illustrator. From Indiana to Dallas to Atlanta.


Erik of Norway

Art Dicector

An art director who started as a designer, color specialist and presentation designer. A person with wealth of knowledge.


Timeline Tykes Products...

The driving force behind Timeline Tykes is the desire to teach history to every child around the world. Everyone has something to bring to the conversation.