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Julius Caesar Shirt

We what every child to represent the hero that best suits their personality. Shown above is one shirt design of emperor Julius Caesar.


Julius Caesar Postcard

Timeline Tykes is marketing history to a young audience of children eager to learn. These postcards reinforce the story of Julius Caesar.

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Julius Caesar Book

The third installment of the Timeline Tykes education through illustration series. The staple which hold everything together is the Timeline history book.


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The most convenient way to view Timeline Tykes product is the computer. You will find everything from stickers, posters, postcards, magnets to shirts, flash cards and other designs. Please take look and see our selection.


Timeline Poster Designs

Check out some of the Timeline Tykes poster designs. Your child will love the wonderful color and detailed scenes from the pages of the history book. These posters will light up any child's room. Become one of the Timeline family member.


Stickers, Stickers And More Stickers

Imagine reading the story of Queen Elizabeth while purchasing posters, magnets, postcards and stickers. Each time you see one of these visual creations you are reminded of the history of Queen Elizabeth


Timeline Tykes Postcards

Postcards are a great way to remind children of the past accomplishments from some of our greatest heroes. Send any one of these postcards to a friend as a reminder of travels across the globe.


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Timeline Tykes is the company which provides artwork, design and visuals to any room in your home. Search our products for wall magnets, posters and calendars to decorate your living space.


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