Decorative Art Designs

Education through illustration is the focal point of how we bring our historical characters to life. Each story has a center piece in which children learn about past world leaders and present important figures. These are some of the posters from those historical people. Please wait to view all of the posters.



How We Start

These are the steps that create Timeline Tykes art designs. First, select which historical person to inform our reader. Every project starts from gathering information about the chosen historical figure to the sketching stage. Second phase, moves to the drawing of pages (which you see on your left.) Third phase, scan drawings into the computer to create computer artwork. All Timeline Tykes art is created this way.      

The Start of Something Big

Take A Trip Around The World

Twelve issues, an issue a month for a year. Imagine your child learning about history from across the globe. Today we visit England tomorrow we travel to China and continue onto Mexico. Each month a new adventure for your child to enjoy while through the pages of Timeline Tykes. Education through illustration is the message we bring.